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Our Ninja Nunchaku lessons are specifically designed for new students to learn how to use the iconic martial arts weapon the Nunchaku!

You can be an absolute beginner or experienced martial artist and you will learn a variety of techniques to practice with your Nunchaku.

We cover all aspects of the historical application of this iconic weapon and lots of cool tricks!

All instructors are full qualified, insured and DBS checked. All equipment provided. Only foam or graphite Nunchaku allowed in the Dojo, Wooden, Rubber or Metal Nunchaku are not permitted.

We cover a large variety of techniques such as:

  • Two Handed Passes
  • Striking
  • Chambering
  • Hand Wraps
  • Body Wraps
  • Leg Wraps
  • Dual Nunchaku
  • Tricking
  • Restraint Techniques
  • Disarms
  • Kicking (Geri)
  • Unification (Ken Tai Ichi Jo)

Ninja Nunchaku is for students of all ages from ages 5+ years.
Adult lessons are available contact us for more information.

Our current membership offer is your first two lessons are free and then upon signing up as a member you receive the rest of the months lessons free. You also receive a Ninja Nunchaku t-shirt, syllabus and a set of foam Nunchaku.

Nunchaku are great for hand eye coordination and fitness but most importantly they are fun to use!

We also host seminars and workshops for both children and adults:

It doesn’t matter what style you practice, These lessons will help you become extremely proficient in the art of using Nunchaku, a weapon made iconic by the legendary martial artist Bruce Lee!

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